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How to Turn off Voice Control on iPhone 4 Easily?

When you are intoxicated by music playback on your iPhone 4, while It's incredibly frustrating to have the audio interrupted by wind. Maybe you are full of good humor while have to interrupt by the sudden sound. It must be accepted that you can call one of your contacts or to speak a number to dial with ease with Apple iPhone 4 bulit-in feature.

When you press and hold the "Home" button below the display and the Voice Control screen appears, then the Voice Control is activated by default. However, it can also be disabled when the iPhone 4 is in the locked mode. Then how can we lock the iPhone 4 and disable voice control on iPhone 4 completely, just follow the instruction below:

Guide: How to Remove and Disable Voice Control on iPhone 4 Freely

Step 1: Switch on the iPhone 4, tap the "Settings" icon on its home screen.

Step 2: After the window appears, you can see many playlist on the left menu. Just select "General" followed by "Passcode Lock".

Step 3: Just tap "Turn Passcode On" and log into or you can also create a passcode when prompted, then you can tap "On/Off" switch on the Passcode Lock screen to turn off voice control.

how to disable voice control

Tips: Unless make sure that you lock your iPhone 4, you can disable voice dialing completely.

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