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How to Transfer Music to iPhone 4?

Follow this batterfly tutorial you wil know how to transfer songs to iPhone 4 within a few minutes and enjoy the fragrance from the process of transferring music to iPhone 4:

Sync Music to iPhone 4 Steps:

Step 1: Open iTunes and connect iPhone 4 to Computer

Insert your iPhone 4 to your computer via USB, then the iTunes will automatically detect your iPhone 4 and your iPhone 4 will be shown on "DEVICES" list.

transfer songs to iphone 4 steps

Step 2: Transfer Music to iPhone 4

Now click on the "Music" tab and you'll see that you can select "sync playlist". Do that, then select the new iPhone 4 sync playlist you've created, as shown here:

transferring music to iphone 4

Set things up just as I have shown and that's all there is to it. Now click "Sync" in iTunes and it'll synchronize your playlist with the iPhone 4 music library.

Oh, and one really nice feature of creating this playlist is that you can manage it, adding and deleting songs to your heart's desire, even without your iPhone 4 present. Whatever changes you make are instantly applied to your iPhone 4 music library the very next time you synchronize the device. If you computer is crashed, here, you can learn how to transfer music from iPhone to PC.

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